SF iconf150x187This site is being developed by Science Fiction authors for science fiction fans who want to have a place to discover good quality SF books without trudging through endless titles on overly-trafficked websites. There is no insistence on quality here except that the reviewers and readers will up-vote/down-vote what they like/dislike and although reviews aren't the only thing this site is good for, it is important that reviewers understand the relationship between their reviews and the books' authors.

This site is divided into two parts. The front-end is the marketing and public area where we provide links to books, author articles and biographies as well as editorial reviews that are completed in-house with our own reviewing teams. The objective here is to build a portal to your favourite books and links to your preferred store. This isn't an Amazon-centric site. We support Google, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and a host of other platforms as well as purchasing from this site through our shop.

The other half of this site is the forum where members can enjoy the benefit of discussing their books with readers and reviewers can meet up and be available to the authors for reviews. For the benefit of everyone concerned these reviews are classified as 'Editorial' and must come from the site as opposed to the individual to qualify for that title. Most sales platforms don't countenance the purchasing of personal reviews.

Reviewers: We want you here, your feedback gives guidance to the authors who value your opinion and who can provide you with incentives and rewards to increase interaction. Don't let that fool you into thinking we want dishonest reviews, that's not what we're about and we will step on this if it rears its ugly head. We want a genuine author/reviewer relationship where a valuable input is rewarded and we will look at ways that can be achieved without compromising the validity of the site.

Authors: You are welcome to place your books here for review and even place sales links back to your own site or organise a Books2Read link that will simplify the process for all readers who use the website. SFBookReview will handle all requests for reviews and responses. There is a form on the author menu that will help you in this.

This is an embryo site so a lot of features will be added/remove/altered as we decide what is of use and what isn't. We hope you will join us in making this a useful resource for the future. Enjoy.