Author: Tobias Roote



Author's note: Whilst Exodus is book 4 it runs parallel to The Nubl Wars because it handles an aspect of humanity's survival that I wanted to include in the ending. I knew in the back of my mind that Xerac would need to exist, but if I'd put it all into The Nubl Wars the book would have been way too long with too much going on. (The Nubl Wars is already quite full).

In effect, Exodus is actually book 3A, but with numbering and naming conventions I took the decision to make it book 4. I hope you enjoy the added dimension that this book adds to the conclusion of the war against the Nubl hordes.

Xerac has found a way to beat the system and ensure his own survival during a time when the Nubl are expected to attack the Earth. It will mean that life as he knows it will have to change. In a moment of total irony, Xerac fulfils his destiny and so becomes the first human to die so that he may yet live. As Xerac attempts to get off-world via the new ARKs that are being built to hold the nucleus of Earth colonies, Ossie from Space Island, Arty and other AIs stand in the way of his ambition. Can he thwart them all and escape Earth’s fate?



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