The Fixer: Omnibus Volume 1


Roland Tankowicz wasn’t even legally a person anymore.

The aging cyborg had never really recovered from being betrayed and enslaved by his superiors in the Army, and the final insult of being permanently classified as “defunct military ordnance” had been a bitter pill to swallow. For the last three decades, he's avoided dealing with this by drinking beer and working as a fixer for the crime families in 25th-century Boston. It's easy money when you're the kind of guy who is bullet-proof and can pick up a house.

But then Lucia Ribiero stumbles into his favorite watering hole dragging a squad of bounty hunters behind her. Shadows from his own dark past, and old debts still unpaid conspire to drive the old war-horse out for one more mission. Like any good soldier, the mission is all that matters for Roland.

What follows is action and adventure on a scale the galaxy may never recover from. In this volume be prepared to see Roland fight cyborgs, gangsters, mercenaries, crime lords, mutants and at least one angry corporate executive as he starts down the ugly path to redemption. The guns will blaze and fists will fly, but before the dust settles a whole galaxy's worth of mad science gone awry will learn a painful lesson about letting sleeping dogs lie.

Collected here are the first three full-length novels in the critically-acclaimed tech-noir phenomenon known as:




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