Editorial Review:

Pyramid Lake

Paul Draker

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Set in today's world the novel reflects the issues on which many fears are based with the introduction of artificial intelligence. However, this is more about how gaining sentience can be the result of an accident rather than design and the problems reflected in having an all-powerful machine with the complete knowledge of mankind, but that lacks the maturity and experience with which to manage it.

When Trevor is blinded by his own personal issues, he fails to recognise the warning signs. He's a totally self-centred individual and deserves a good kicking. Will he get it? The MC is an idiot who is hellbent on pissing off everyone he meets, yet still manages to single-handedly build a colossus of a supercomputer. Setting aside the amount of maintenance and large teams that would be required to look after the system, he manages to code it so well it acts almost 'human' and therein lies the problem. Remember the saying "to err is human (to forgive divine)" well, you might just need a bit of that.

Without giving away too much of the plot, my opinion is that this book is well written, totally believable (especially the characters) and at 426 pages, a long read. I would very much recommend my reader friends to grab a copy as it's well worth the money.


Genres: Hard SF/Technothriller/Crime Thriller

Reviewed by:  Tobias Roote 18th January 2016