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Royalty Agreement

Royalty and Payment Terms

These Royalty and Payment Terms are subject to update and amendment at any time by NDY Digital Publishers Ltd, also known as SFBookReview or SFBR. Any changes will become effective and binding on the Author (You) thirty days from the date of amendment as shown at the foot of this agreement.

ePub Royalty Rates

It is for the Author to determine the Selling Price for each eBook.

The Author (You) will be paid a royalty based on the Selling Price:

SFBR will pay you 70% of the Selling Price for each eBook sold, if the eBook is not a Public Domain Work, and the Selling Price of the eBook is greater than: $.99 USD in the US; £.99 GBP in the UK; $.99 CAD in Canada; $.99 AUD in Australia; €.99 EUR in the European Union; $.99 NZD in New Zealand. Under this price SFBR will pay 35% of the Selling Price.

To be fair to SF Book Review, and SFBR readers the Author (You) will at all times ensure that the selling price of your eBook does not exceed the eBook's Selling Price at any other retailer, website or sales channel.

As SFBR is a global online business it's sales are subject to local taxation laws wherever your eBooks are sold. Therefore, all eBook royalties will be paid net of tax where applicable and your royalty payments will reflect that. As a result your payment per eBook sale may vary.

Royalty Payments

If you have eBook sales you will be issued payment for royalties earned thirty days after the end of the month in which the sale took place. Any refund amounts will be automatically deducted from your royalty balance as incurred. You can request payment of royalties from your Author Account dashboard. However, it will only be paid on calculated date as per the previous statement.

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