The Amnesia Desk, by Jim Sullivan


In the dark vestiges of inherited memory lies madness, but also the key to our survival...

Whilst this isn't actually a Science Fiction story, it has facets of SF pulled from the growing advances in the field of biology. As a result it fits the general category although I'm not certain which sub-genre it falls into. Genetics?

What if our DNA retains more than just our physical characteristics?

When archaeologist Lee Jackson takes an experimental drug he experiences what he thinks are vivid hallucinations. Are they only hallucinations, or could they be actual memories?

While most of Jackson's dreams appear to stem from periods centuries ago, one in particular surfaces from the very recent past posing a 'real and present danger' to The Amnesia Desk : a clandestine, ultra-violent group tasked with keeping the CIA's darkest secrets hidden. When they discover that Jackson is accidentally close to unravelling everything there is no other choice, but his immediate assassination.

The Amnesia Desk send their finest to Britain to deal with the threat that Jackson poses. Except there's something they haven't counted on: Lee Jackson now has access to centuries of memories. The simple 'kill' mission becomes a firefight no-one could have anticipated when Jackson allows his 'natural' instincts to take over.

Jim Sullivan is an excellent storyteller knowing just how to keep the pressure up and build the tension. The story begins in the most normal of situations, but subtle plot layout, especially in the early chapters, lays the groundwork for the action-packed story to unfold. The story's a bit short at 258 pages and thanks to the pace it's a fast read, but well worth the time investment in reading something fresh and new. I hope to read more of Mr Sullivan's work in the future.

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