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Why SFBR Needs You

SFBookReview cannot work without the SF community pitching in so this about you more than anything. This site is designed to promote authors and their books as well as create vibrancy in timely and fashionable articles that show the importance of the Science Fiction genre to the world. It's increasingly evident that the concepts dreamt up from cutting edge scientific theory often become fact within our own lifetimes. It must come as no surprise to any of us in the trade, that we pay attention to the realities of technology in the world as well as the impact it will have on us in years to come. The SF Book Review site is poised to exploit all of that.

The Reader gets a concentrated view of everything that's happening. All presented in a nice bundle of blogs, articles, reviews and new book features. We have lots of expansion plans, but there are two main factors that produce the working 'heart' of SF Book Review - your input = the readers output. Contributing to make the heart beat in time with new advances in SF. Brave words? We hope we can fulfil expectations. 

Let's discuss the Nuts & Bolts

The system is built around the typical sales process. Vendor (you) places product on site. Seller (us) presents it and promotes it via the normal site marketing and advertising processes. Buyer (the reader) pays for the goods and the Seller gets the amount less the cost of the sale. We use Stripe and PayPal and they both worked seamlessly during the trials. We prefer Stripe because they are more tuned to working with businesses and they don't have the reputation of PayPal dogging them. Still, we have to offer alternatives and these are the best so far.

Books & Membership

There are no boundaries here. You can load as many Science Fiction books on here as you want. We don't monitor page counts or content. We don't mind if you sell short stories or omnibus blockbusters. All we ask is that you present the books in the format of the site and don't add links to outside sources. You can use HTML and you can set and change your price as often as you want. You can run multiple currency prices so that you can have e.g. £3.99, $3.99, and €3.99 the reader only sees their own currency. At the end of the day your books represent you, so it's up to you to ensure that cover, description, formatting and content are the best you can achieve.


Orders under $1 or £1 or conversion of same will be 35% To be honest we would rather you transact for free than 99 cents or 99 pence because it's not the market we want your books to be in. All orders over $1 or £1 will be at 70%. We absorb the transaction cost, the bandwidth cost of downloading and the system also deducts the VAT that has to be paid in the relevant countries (mainly UK and the EU, but could well include the US if they push us to, and they might).

We haven't sorted out an automated system for your statements yet, but this will happen pretty quick once we have sufficient data to create a reporting system. It's a bit difficult to know currently how things need to be managed. You will get it all eventually. 


If there are no refunds or cloned or fraudulent transactions we receive payment within fourteen days and then require a respectable period for any potential dispute to filter through. This will take us to 30 days respectably and we expect to provide author payout anytime after that. In practice we can't do that every day, so we will pay everyone at the end of the following month. Why the delay? Well, the payment system is automated if we use PayPal, but if people want payment into their banks, then we have to run it through our manual accounting system, then setup the payments with the bank. That always takes time. In the end it's going to be the author's choice, which is why we will continue to provide both.

Promotion & Marketing

We intend to create campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. As we grow in popularity, the mailing list will provide regular opportunities and we hope constantly refreshing articles and blogs as well as a vibrant book market will drive higher sales. We would also hope that as we continue to develop the platform you will see the benefits of adding us to your own marketing and promotion campaigns. We have our own in-house affiliate system that rewards everyone including readers so it wouldn't be a lost cause. We're partners after all.

Features & Benefits

SFBR has a flexible system based on the author managing their own account. You can set discounts and coupons at any time, there's no limit to frequency or quantity. You can bundle free books in with a paid sale, you can promote free books and sell unboxed series. (as opposed to boxed offerings this shows up as individual book sales instead of one new published item. This is much better for monitoring performance. It also allows the reader to review each book as reviews can only be made on purchased books. No more having to create a separate product. Just create an image of your offering and add all the books in a bundled section on your platform and publish.

The future is very bright

We have plans to sell mobi and epub alongside each other (we can do this now, but we don't like the interface). We also want to sell and promote audiobooks. Again, the interface is clunky, so we want to invest in making it better before we put it on the platform. There also plans for our own reading App which will be linked to the reader's library on this site. They can then choose to read or listen from the same app. Or, if you're on a Kindle, we will send it directly to your device. All of these projects are short term, i.e. in the next year. So, all good reasons to join us don't you think?

So, final decision time.... Red Button or Blue button? Blue will take you to Registration, Red will take you back to the Front Page

Thanks for your time - and I hope you choose Blue :)

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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