Reviewer Newsletter
You will join a select group of 'invitation only' readers who review books for the website. These reviews will be provided to the author for their own use, and to the website readers who are part of our newsletter chain. You can ask to join this group by adding yourself to this list. All reviewers will be required to meet a minimum requirement in terms of reviews. Eventually this will be a paid service so professionalism will be paramount. This is not an opportunity to 'cop a free read'.
Author Newsletter
We want you to participate in our panel of recommenders so that we can promote only books that we feel meet the criteria of the group. When a book is recommended, we will ask for your vote Yes, or No and this will form the nucleus of our 'author recommended' books. you will be asked to show that you are a published SF author and you will be provided with an author page on the website (with links to your own books).
Reader Newsletters
Reader Newsletter is a way of keeping up to date with the latest reviews and recommended reading. It will only contain selected books that have been through our review process, or has been recommended by at least two of our author panel. You can add or remove yourself whenever you want by logging into the site or modifying your account via the newsletter links always provided.